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Successfully Signed 6 Dump Trucks, Ending June Perfectly

On the last day of June, good news came from Zhengzhou Talenet Technology Co., Ltd. - a customer from Botswana placed an order for 6 HOWO 6x4 dump trucks!

Successfully Signed 6 Dump Trucks, Ending June Perfectly

In order to show his sincerity, on June 30, the customer personally visited Zhengzhou Talenet Technology Co., Ltd. The employees of Zhengzhou Talenet Technology Co., Ltd. warmly received him. After visiting the company, the two parties discussed the contract-related matters in detail.

The client's company is a local mining company engaged in professional mining. This purchase is mainly for the dump trucks of the mine. Because of the good impression of Chinese brands, the customer preferred HOWO dump trucks. After comparing the quotations and services of various companies in China, he chose Zhengzhou Talenet Technology Co., Ltd. Taking this opportunity, the leaders of Zhengzhou Talenet Technology Co., Ltd. warmly invited him to visit the company. The client readily agreed.


During the negotiation, Zhengzhou Talenet Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the advantages of the product in detail, as well as various discounts. The customer strongly identifies with the company's products and services. After professional negotiation, the customer decided to sign 6 6x4 HOWO dump trucks on the spot. The two parties have reached a successful cooperation. The customer said that if the goods are satisfied, they will continue to cooperate with Talenet.

Currently, six dump trucks are being refurbished according to customer requirements.
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