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What Is the Prospect of China's Used Truck Exports?


According to a report released by the United Nations Environment Programme titled "Used Vehicles and the Environment - A Global Overview of Used Light Vehicles: Traffic, Scale and Regulations", emerging countries such as Asia, Africa and Latin America import data from Europe, the United States and J

How Is 22-Wheel Semi-Trailer?


CONTENTWhat Is Semi-Trailer?What is 22-Wheel Semi-Trailer?How Much Is A 22-Wheel Semi-Trailer? A semi-trailer is an usual transport truck. Compared with a solitary vehicle, a semi-trailer can improve the comprehensive benefits of roadway transport. So do you know what benefits semi-trailers have? 

Why Is SINOTRUK HOWO 371HP Used Dump Truck Popular in Africa


As the scale of infrastructure construction around the world continues to expand, construction vehicles, as the most closely related models, have become popular. In fact, when it comes to construction vehicles, we have to mention SINOTRUK. As an old-fashioned car company that started out manufacturi

Advantages of Buying Used Construction Equipment


One of the significant costs in the building sector is getting hefty equipment. This not just needs a great deal of your capital however additionally requires the moment and initiatives to select the appropriate item. While running any type of service, investments should be made carefully. The needs

4 Significant Benefits as well as Negative Aspects of Concrete Mixer Trucks


 Concrete mixer trucks play a connecting duty in the entire transportation web link, as well as play a connecting duty in the entire transport network.  Concrete mixer trucks are widely used in building and construction jobs. It has the ability to instantly load and also discharge concrete combina

Differences and Respective Advantages of Crawler Excavators and Tire Excavators


   As the "new urbanization" strategy redefines the process of urban construction in China, the market demand for construction machinery in China is also changing quietly. Wheeled excavators suitable for farmland, community construction, urban pipeline laying, and material handling operations are

What Are the Advantages of Concrete Mixer Trucks?


With the progress of society, the scene of manual cement mixing is no longer visible on construction sites, and mixer trucks have become the mainstream of concrete mixing on construction sites. So why can mixer trucks replace labor? Labor saving is definitely one of its advantages, so are there othe

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