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Why Is SINOTRUK HOWO 371HP Used Dump Truck Popular in Africa

As the scale of infrastructure construction around the world continues to expand, construction vehicles, as the most closely related models, have become popular. In fact, when it comes to construction vehicles, we have to mention SINOTRUK. As an old-fashioned car company that started out manufacturing heavy-duty trucks, construction vehicles have always been a strong product of SINOTRUK. At present, in the field of dump trucks, SINOTRUK HOWO has always been in the forefront of the African market share with its reliable product strength.

Of course, the quality of the product is more of a need for user word-of-mouth to prove. According to the survey, many African users who buy used dump trucks are mainly engaged in earth-moving transportation, and they compare the performance of the trucks in the choice of vehicles. HOWO dump trucks perform very well in terms of power. As we all know, the operation environment of the muck truck is complex and the load is large. As the core component of the vehicle, the engine plays a vital role. The SINOTRUK HOWO 371 HP used dump trucks that Zhengzhou Talenet mainly sells are equipped with Weichai engines, which are particularly powerful. Weichai's engine is still good, and everyone in the industry recognizes it.
Secondly, in terms of vehicle fuel economy, SINOTRUK HOWO 371 HP used dump trucks also have advantages over other models.
In terms of comfort, this truck is very comfortable to drive. The transportation of muck trucks often takes some bumpy roads. The airbag seat of the main driver of SINOTRUK HOWO has its own soft and hard adjustment function, which can be used for drivers. Provides more protection in terms of comfort, and usually you will not feel tired after driving for a day.
At the same time, Zhengzhou Talenet Technology Co., Ltd. provides excellent pre-sales and after-sales services. After the customer pays, the factory staff will refurbish the used dump truck according to the customer's requirements. More importantly, Zhengzhou Talenet Technology Co., Ltd. provides a one-year after-sales service for all the sold HOWO used dump trucks, which invisibly saves a lot of money for high-intensity vehicles.
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