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How Is 22-Wheel Semi-Trailer?

What Is Semi-Trailer?
What is 22-Wheel Semi-Trailer?
How Much Is A 22-Wheel Semi-Trailer?

A semi-trailer is an usual transport truck. Compared with a solitary vehicle, a semi-trailer can improve the comprehensive benefits of roadway transport. So do you know what benefits semi-trailers have?

What Is Semi-Trailer?

The semi-trailer has excellent rust resistance as well as can create a thick alumina layer on its surface area to avoid the disintegration of the ambience and also moisture. The surface can transfer various oils as well as some chemicals without any safety layer.
The semi-trailer mostly delivers large goods that are difficult to dismantle, such as excavators, etc. The fencing type is more suitable for moving fresh goods, such as vegetables, fruits, and so on. The van kind is better for transporting bulk products as well as moisture-proof and beneficial freight.
There are many sorts of semi-trailers. The benefit of container semi-trailers depends on its loading and also unloading operations. Container semi-trailers have solid loading and also dumping capacities. They streamline the loading and also unloading operations of containers during transport, and decrease the entire transportation price.
How Is 22-Wheel Semi-Trailer?

What is 22-Wheel Semi-Trailer?

To fulfill different demands of transport, the kinds of semi-trailers, the number of axles and also tires are likewise different. Currently, the variety of semi-trailer tires on the market is typically 20, 22 or 24. Among them, the 22-wheel semi-trailer is normally called "2 drag 3", which describes 6x4 tractor head truck with 3-rear-axle trailer. It is also called "6x4 +3"for short, and "6" refers to the variety of tire groups of the tractor truck, which separated by 2 is the number of axles of the tractor truck; "4" describes the variety of driving tire teams of the tractor truck, which split by 2 is the number of drive axles of the tractor truck; "+3" describes the number of axles of the semi-trailer behind the tractor truck. There are 10 tires for the tractor truck as well as 12 tires for the semi-trailer.

How Is 22-Wheel Semi-Trailer?

How Much Is A 22-Wheel Semi-Trailer?

Currently, the cost of semi-trailer in China has to do with $9000-$13000, as well as the much better one is about $16000; the cost of tractor mostly depends on numerous parameters such as brand, horsepower, etc, generally in between $40000-$80000. By doing this, the price of a 22-wheel semi-trailer is about $55,000-$95,000. Naturally, there are also some brand whose price can reach $125,000, however it still depends upon the specific evaluation of the truck model bought by the proprietor.
If you wish to pack even more freight within the scope of laws, you can try to minimize the weight of the vehicle, such as picking some light-weight trailers or trailer accessories.
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