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What Is the Prospect of China's Used Truck Exports?

According to a report released by the United Nations Environment Programme titled "Used Vehicles and the Environment - A Global Overview of Used Light Vehicles: Traffic, Scale and Regulations", emerging countries such as Asia, Africa and Latin America import data from Europe, the United States and Japan. Many of the millions of used trucks, vans and minibuses are of poor quality and have safety hazards that not only affect the climate and air, but also often cause traffic accidents.

More African countries are aware of the dangers brought by these imported used trucks, so many big used truck importing countries have successively strengthened import regulations: for example, Morocco only allows the import of vehicles less than five years old, and Kenya allows the import of vehicles less than eight years old of trucks, Tanzania requires restrictions on the import of old and used trucks, etc.
It is a very good opportunity for China, which has just started its used truck export trade. Take Africa, for example, the second largest continent in the world, second only to Asia. However, due to historical, geographical, political, ethnic and other reasons, Africa is the continent with the most backward economy in the world. At present, Africa's financial market is booming, and per capita income continues to rise, and people's demand for trucks is also increasing.

Sinotruk HOWO dump truck

In the domestic automobile market, under the influence of regulations, technical specifications, and emission standards, the speed of vehicle renewal and upgrading has accelerated, thereby providing high-quality products for the export of second-hand commercial vehicles, and with obvious price advantages, it is very popular among overseas customers. For example, the Sinotruk Howo, which is popular with Africans, even spreads the saying that "half it is Sinotruk and half is other" in the export of truck brands. For some countries in Southeast Asia, Foton is very popular. In addition, Jiefang(FAW), Shaanxi Automobile(Shacman), Dongfeng(DFAC), JAC and other trucks also performed very well in export.

Shacman dump truck

According to statistics, from January to May 2022, the export volume of used trucks is about 13,000, which is close to the export volume of used trucks for the whole of last year. The export direction is mainly to the countries and regions along the "Belt and Road", and the export destinations are concentrated in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

With the popularity of Chinese used truck export trade, Chinese used truck industry will gradually develop and become mature, the used truck export trade will also be gradually standardized, and the truck export performance will be even better!
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