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What Are the Advantages of Concrete Mixer Trucks?

With the progress of society, the scene of manual cement mixing is no longer visible on construction sites, and mixer trucks have become the mainstream of concrete mixing on construction sites. So why can mixer trucks replace labor? Labor saving is definitely one of its advantages, so are there other advantages of concrete mixer trucks? Today, I will take you to understand the technological advantages of concrete mixer trucks.
First of all, let's talk about the material of the mixer truck. The mixing tank of the mixer truck and the blades in the tank are generally made of high-strength wear-resistant materials, and the welding quality is good. Because the tank body is made of caged abrasive tools, it can effectively prevent the eccentricity of the tank body. problems, and all of them have undergone advanced mixing and smooth simulation experiments, using double logarithmic spiral blades, combined with mixers and flow holes, to solve the problems of stirring segregation and front and rear accumulation, the volume utilization rate is also high, and the discharge speed is fast. It is a spiral blade, and the discharge speed is also very fast. The metal bolts and fixed pipelines of the whole vehicle are made of anti-rust material. After spraying with paint, it can effectively avoid the problem of rust in the mixer in the short term, and effectively prolong the mixer. service life.
concrete mixing truck 

Taking the Universiade Opuli mixer truck as an example, the tank body adopts advanced technology and perfect production process. The logarithmic spiral line and abrasive tool form the three-dimensional mixer blade. The materials are all alloy steel wear-resistant materials, with beautiful appearance. The mixing is uniform, the feeding and discharging speed are fast, and the residual rate is low, which fully guarantees the quality of the concrete. The configuration of its three hydraulic components is also very high. It adopts the reducer, hydraulic pump, motor and radiator of international famous brands, which has the advantages of reliable performance, long service life and high working efficiency.
The concrete mixed by the concrete mixer truck is scientifically proportioned by professionals. When constructing high-rise buildings, the proportion of concrete required for different locations is different. The scientific proportion and the uniform mixing of the mixer truck , in order to ensure the quality of construction projects.
It is because of the above advantages of mixer trucks that it is in short supply in the market. Friends who want to buy mixer trucks should act quickly! Contact us at
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