Komatsu PC360 Series Excavator

Working Weight Of The Whole Machine:33000kg

Engine Model:SAA6D114E

Engine Rated Power:180/1900kw/rpm

Standard Bucket Capacity:1.6m³

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Product Description

Excellent performance to achieve large workload, large capacity, high wear-resistant bucket height, the overall machine control function to maximize the potential of the machine. Strengthen the boom, stick and turntable to achieve powerful excavation and fast walking; high durability And reliability to ensure the long-term stable construction of the machine. The sturdy machine design ensures strong excavation and fast walking; the engine oil filter protection is fully adapted to the Chinese market. Construction requirements; safe and comfortable cab, long-term operation is not easy to fatigue; low-noise design, reduce the driver's ear noise; new type of shock absorber, greatly reduce the vibration of the driver's seat; large capacity of external air introduction Fully automatic air conditioning, the cab maintains a more comfortable temperature throughout the year

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