8x4 Dump Truck

Engine Model:WD615.47

Emission Standards:Euro2、Euro3、Euro4、Euro5



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Product Description

The 8x4 dump truck is a four-axis drive. The principle of the dump truck is to use the engine power to drive the hydraulic lifting structure to tilt its carriage to a certain angle for unloading. It mainly undertakes the transportation of loose goods such as sand, soil, and coal. It is usually used with loaders. The main tilt directions are back-turning, side-turning, three-opening, five-opening, and bottom-turning. 13 industrial styling and technological upgrades, including steering wheel, interior trim, airtight and sound insulation, bring a brand new driving experience. Using wide-speed ratio transmission + low-speed ratio rear axle, for specific markets, through matching calculations, optimize the customized power chain, apply overhead camshaft, roller rocker technology, and help reduce engine fuel consumption.

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