Sany STC500E Series Crane

Maximum Lifting Weight:50t

Total Weight Of The Whole Machine:41000kg

Lifting Height:61.5m

Maximum Lifting Moment:2009 kN·m

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Product Description

The basic maximum lifting torque of Sany STC500E series crane is 2009kN.m, the maximum lifting torque of full boom is 1082kN.m, and the maximum lifting load of the whole body is 9.5t; large displacement load-sensitive plunger pump; strong wind surface hydraulic drive radiator; high load Overwork, the imported spool balance valve has high precision, corrosion resistance and long life. 350L large fuel tank, running far and working for a long time; large-volume toolbox, carrying a lot, not afraid of losing; consumables layout is easy to access, easy to maintain; silicone button integrated desktop, operation is clear at a glance; two-level low outriggers, stable hoisting, easy operation .

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