Sany STC250C5 Series Crane

Maximum Lifting Weight:25t

Total Weight Of The Whole Machine:32700kg

Lifting Height:49.5m

Maximum Lifting Moment:1063 kN·m

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Product Description

SANY STC250C5 series crane has a five-section U-shaped main boom with a large cross-section, with a full boom length of 41m, a maximum lifting moment of 1063kN.m, and a 6.4m lateral outrigger span with strong lifting performance. High load-carrying chassis Brand new 2.55m wide chassis, large cross-section and innovative structure frame, greatly improved bending and torsion resistance; Adopting Weichai 7L high-horsepower engine, Fast 9-speed gearbox with synchronizer, the maximum climbing degree is 45% , The maximum speed is 85km/h. Double variable pump intelligent flow distribution hydraulic system Load sensitive system: adopts large flow double variable plunger pump, with sufficient flow but no waste, efficient operation, energy saving and environmental protection; Intelligent flow distribution: use the new intelligent flow distribution main valve, combined action is time-varying The width is independent and not interfered by other actions, greatly improving the maneuverability of combined actions. Using post-valve compensation technology, the flow is distributed on demand, the minimum stable speed of hoisting single rope is 1.2m/min, and the minimum stable speed of rotation is 0.1°/s, which can realize precision hoisting at mm level; Power management: new power matching and power control, four Gear power take-off, energy saving and noise reduction; integrated rotary buffer control: fusion of boost buffer, sequential braking and free-slip technology, turning start and stop softly and smoothly.

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