Liugong ZL30E Series Loader

Bucket Rated Load:3000kg

Working Weight Of The Whole Machine:10500kg

Standard Bucket Capacity:17m³

Engine Power:92kw

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Product Description

Liugong ZL30E wheel loader adopts Guangxi Yuchai YC6108G diesel engine, twin-turbo torque converter, power shift gearbox, and dual-axle drive. The full hydraulic steering system feels good, and the operation is light and flexible. Single pump and flexible shaft directly control the distribution valve hydraulic system, which has good reliability. It adopts single pipeline air-over oil brake system and caliper disc brake, which is safe and reliable. In order to further ensure the safe use of the machine, an emergency braking system is specially configured. In order to reduce the driver’s work intensity and improve the operating comfort, the machine adopts inductive instruments, a vibration-damping driver’s seat that meets ISO standards, as well as sealing, damping, sound insulation, noise reduction, heat insulation, with "ROPS" and heating and cooling air-conditioning. Cab. The appearance of the whole machine is beautiful and generous. The transmission system, hydraulic system and braking system have good reliability.

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