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Differences and Respective Advantages of Crawler Excavators and Tire Excavators

   As the "new urbanization" strategy redefines the process of urban construction in China, the market demand for construction machinery in China is also changing quietly. Wheeled excavators suitable for farmland, community construction, urban pipeline laying, and material handling operations are becoming more and more popular. It has also become one of the strategic development products of many leading construction machinery companies.

  Wheeled excavators are construction-type excavators that travel on tires. With their fast walking speed, they can switch fields by themselves over long distances, and can quickly replace a variety of operating devices. They have the advantages of maneuverability, flexibility and efficiency, and win the love of customers. At present, the walking speed of wheel excavators in foreign countries is mostly 25-40km/h, and most domestic ones are 20-35km/h, and some can even reach 54km/h. It can be said that although wheeled excavators do not occupy a mainstream position in China, But the technical level is not behind.


  The difference between a tire excavator and a crawler excavator

  It mainly depends on what occasion you use it, and each has its own advantages, but now more and more people really prefer crawler excavators. Although the mobility of the crawler excavator is almost the same, if it is long-distance transportation, there is no need to use the wheels of the wheeled excavator at all, and there is a special transport vehicle; and if it is walking on the construction site, the crawler excavator may be better.

  The wheeled action is not as fast as the crawler, and the rotation is not as large as the crawler.

  The wheeled type can travel on the road, but the crawler can't, which is more convenient for the wheeled type.

  But the crawler can work on the mountain, not to mention the wheeled type.

  In addition, the wheeled power and passability are not as good as the crawler. The crawler can go up the right-angle slope, and it is not easy to be restricted by the mud.

  Advantages and disadvantages of wheeled excavators

  Advantages: small investment, fast action speed, general speed can reach 40-50KM/H

  Disadvantages: narrow scope of use, mostly road administration or urban engineering, can not enter mines or muddy areas, poor climbing ability, high production cost, large investment

  Advantages and disadvantages of crawler excavators

  Advantages: Because of the large grounding area, it is better in muddy, wetlands and other places that are easy to sink in. Because the excavator itself has a large self-weight, this allows the excavator to go to a wide range of places. In addition, because the crawler is a metal product, in It can also be used in mines or places with harsh working conditions, with strong off-road capability, low production cost and small investment.

  Disadvantages: In addition, the mobility is not good, the maximum design speed is only 5-7KM/H, and the long-distance movement depends on the scooter.

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